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Royal Irish Rifles (d.21st April 1917), Rfm. His British War & Victory medal roll record (as linked by Jon in post #2) indicates that his WW1 overseas service was entirely with the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles. Royal Irish Rifles. 14th (Young Citizens) Btn. [2], The battalion's first major action was the Battle of Neuve Chapelle between 10 and 13 March 1915. . (d.7th Jun 1917), Currie Harold. . Rflmn. WW1 British Army, Royal Irish Rifles . Leinster Regiment who died 27/02/1918 JERUSALEM MEMORIAL Israel and Palestine (including Gaza) ' Formed in County Antrim in September 1914 from the Antrim Volunteers. Royal Irish Rifles, Rflmn. Image courtesy of the excellent Ben Sutherland collection at, with thanks. July 1915 : moved to Seaford. 6 November 1914 : landed at Le Havre. . Although the Battle Honour SOMME 1916 covers all the fighting along that sector of the Western Front during those months, twelve subsidiary honours were also awarded. (d.22nd Aug 1916), Graham N. C.. Capt. I have a question: once a PoW is released, how long before he returns to his unit (I know it would depend on the soldier's condition.)? (d.1st July 1916), Mills J.. Rfm. [4] The Battalion's chaplain, Donal O'Sullivan was killed in the Somme. In the absence of a service record its impossible to be certain. Rfm. Ironically, the sole Somme battle honour not awarded to an Irish regiment was Thiepval. The 107 Infantry Brigade HQ diary ishere, orhere. When he enlisted, he served with the 12th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, a regiment of the 36th (Ulster) Division. After an initial artillery bombardment, the battalion advanced to the previously captured German front lines and helped to secure the village of Neuve-Chapelle. 10th Btn. The Robert Quigg V.C. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for British Army pre WW1 period Artist Rifles hat badge at the best online prices at eBay! Copyright 2023. Survivors continued to fight with various units until the end of March when the battalion was moved to reserve and the task of rebuilding it began. (d.1st July 1916), McAuley John. 14th Btn. My grandad was an instructor but on the 25th of December 1914 he was sent to the front with the 2nd battalion of the RIR because of the high losses suffered they needed more experienced men. We respect the effort he made to give us the peace and freedom we enjoy today. 12th Batallion, Davison J. H.. 11th Btn. Colvin Robert. 14th Btn. The 2nd Battalion were in action again on the Somme in the Battles of the Lys and the final advance in Flanders. (d.21st March 1915), Morrow Arthur Galway. Samuel McCrory 10th Btn. Their front line skirted the northern edge of Thiepval wood, facing a gentle upward slope toward Schwaben Redoubt, a defensive complex in the second main German trench system north of Thiepval. 6 Reserve Lorry Park Royal Air Force who died 28/02/1919 BELGRADE CEMETERY Belgium ' It was recalled and landed at Liverpool on 22 October 1914, it was then dispatched to Le Havre as part of the 25th Brigade, 8th Division in November 1914 for service on the Western Front. October 1915 : landed at Boulogne. (d.19th Aug 1918), Patton T. J.. 10th Btn. (d.14th Nov 1916), Brooks Patrick. (d.7th Jun 1917), Arbuthnot William Henry. Moved to the Curragh in February 1915. (d.1st Jul 1916), Purdon Herbert. His name was Duff. Beggs Thomas Alexander Thompson. (d.7th Jun 1917), Burns John. Protection of the Suez Canal was of great strategic importance and the 2nd Battalion and a detachment of the 1st Battalion were sent to the region. At home in Ireland men volunteered in their thousands and all three regiments soon formed new battalions. attchd 11th Btn Royal Irish Rifles, Grainger David. A training unit of the Special Reserve, it moved on mobilisation to Belfast. He left behind his wife Catherine (Nee McCormick) and his three sons Richard, Patrick and John. Formed in Belfast in September 1914 from the Belfast Volunteers. Rflmn. 9th Btn. Pte. Attack of the Ulster Division, 1 July 1916'. The Royal Irish. One war correspondent wrote that Their attack was one of the finest displays of human courage in the world but, on 1st and 2nd July, their losses exceeded 5,500 dead, wounded or missing. Royal Irish Rifles (d.16th Aug 1917), Pte. British Army WW1 period Irish Rifles hat badge . On 14 August it landed in Rouen with 1,100 men as part of the 7th Brigade, 3rd Division. It suffered very heavy casualties, repeatedly losing its commanding officers during offensives; by the end of one attack in 1916, it was down to only one surviving officer and sixty men. Pte 13th (1st County Down) Battalion, Richardson I.. 10th Btn (d.1st Jul 1916), Russell Christopher. My other grandfather, who served on the German side, was also aPoW. 14 August 1914 : landed at Rouen. (d.16th Aug 1917), McClelland James. 1st Battalion joined it there from Aden in November 1914 and both remained there until the Armistice. . Split by the Ancre River, the brigade suffered severely with the 9th Bn The Royal Irish Fusiliers being all but wiped out. 108th Brigade / 36th (Ulster) Division . Rifleman 12th Battalion (d.1st July 1916), Black John. It would appear he remained in the Army after repatriation and was posted back to the 2nd Battalion who were sent to Iraq in 1919. On Sunday 3rd September the Division took part in the attack on Guillemont, committing 47th Brigade after 20th (Light) Division had been withdrawn; two VCs were earned. The last man he dragged in on a waterproof sheet from within a few yards of the enemys wire. Collins William Robert. As we were growing up WW1 was a dim and distant memory and, as far as my father was concerned, it wasn't something he wanted to discuss much with his children. (d.7th Jun 1917), Currie David. Our antecedent regiments earned eight: Albert (1st - 13th July); Bazentin Ridge(14th -17th July); Pozires (23rdJuly 7th August); Guillemont (3rd 6th September); Ginchy (9th September); le Transloy (1st October 11th November); Ancre Heights (1st October 11th November); Ancre (13th 18th November). .Quis Separabit. Pte. Bennett Robert William . I am sorry that I don't have much more information for you. (The exception was after April 1918, but not relevant here as he was captured during the German Spring Offensive). Not so well known are the stories of other Irish regiments and other battalions of our antecedent regiments in that attack. 13 November 1917 : transferred to 108th Brigade in 36th (Ulster) Division, absorbing 7th Battalion. On 13 December, 10 officers and 450 other ranks were moved with only one hours notice to garrison Cairo. Moved to Hursley Park and came under command of 25th Brigade in 8th Division. though the '5/' prefix to his 9929 number intimates that at one time he was with the 5th Battalion.. L/Cpl. For Falls, the main attack was that by 109th Brigade, with 107th Brigade following up. Royal Irish Rifles (d.1st Jul 1916), Sgt. Formed at Belfast in September 1914 as part of K2 and came under command of 48th Brigade in 16th (Irish) Division. On 8 February 1918 the battalion transferred again to 107th Brigade, 36th (Ulster) Division. I was personally greatly privileged to have the honour of welcoming the Queen to Bushmills, informing the audience about the statue, and inviting Her Majesty to perform the unveiling. 15th Btn. Belfast City Hospital History . 28 June was a wonderful day for the people of Bushmills and a great honour for our Society that the Queen graciously agreed to perform the official unveiling. 'I turned over one poor chap on a rocky, bloody crag on Tanngoucha. During this patrol Major Herbert Musgrave from Corps Intelligence was killed. Irish men of all denominations fought side by side in the 10th (Irish), 16th (Irish) and 36th (Ulster) Division, and were decorated for their gallantry and bravery throughout the war. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over this time. 11th (Service) Battalion (South Antrim) The 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles came into being following the reorganisation of the British Army in 1881. 15th Batt (d.21st March 1918), Wadeley Ernest Benjamin. dailyinfo[22]=' 25368 Quartermaster Serjeant Leonard Henry CADE Meritorious Service Medal 12th Coy. The last casualty that Quigg saved was Robert Matthews, from the village of Mosside, less than six miles from Bushmills. There is a guide at TNA Thomas Robert Corkin 16th Btn. ROYAL IRISH RIFLES. Its also engraved in the history of most regiments and in the nations psyche. else { document.write(fontstart+"No major events today"+fontend); } Please enter your password, it must be 8 or more characters, I agree to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement, 498 people in our Victorian Conflicts records, Many exclusive records, found only on our site, 1 on 1 Personal assistance from military photo and document experts, Access to Orbats mapping tool, allowing you to trace your WW1 ancestors steps. Bluecher German Navy who died 29/01/1915 CANNOCK CHASE GERMAN MILITARY CEMETERY United Kingdom ' Rfm. privacy policy, GB/NNAF/C22543 (Former ISAAR ref: GB/NNAF/O38291 ). If you are enjoying the site, please consider making a donation, however small William John Thompson 13th Battalion, B Company Royal Irish Rifles (d.30th May 1916). Returned to UK and landed at Liverpool on 22 October 1914. Pte. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Rfm. Rflmn. Re-enlisted the following day, number 7006511. Sadly, Quigg never found his platoon commander. Sir Harry Macnaghten has no known grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France; he is among 26 men from Bushmills and district who were killed on the first day of the Somme. 11th Battalion (d.16th Aug 1917), Tweedie Charles. 8 February 1918 : transferred to 107th Brigade in same Division. Northumberland Fusiliers, 27th Bt . var year=mydate.getYear() Battalion Unknown Abigail S H Rfn 9/43518 : Short Record Of Service Apperson G J Captain MC : Photo Ash R W Rfn (POW) : Short Record Of Service Baskwell W Rfn : Short Record Of Service Best F V Rfn 43399 : Short Record Of Service Bowkett W G T Rfn : Short Record Of Service The Faughs too received le Transloy as a battle honour. Lance Sjt. (d.1st July 1915), Blackadder Thomas. 2nd Battalion 1996-2023 The Long, Long Trail. Lincolnshire Regiment who died 05/03/1916 CITE BONJEAN MILITARY CEMETERY, ARMENTIERES France ' (d.1st Jul 1916), Gallagher Thomas. The Cairo garrison, together with a Royal Irish Rifles mounted infantry platoon of two officers and 37 other ranks, commanded by Brigadier Francis Grenfell, was hastily sent to Suakin in the Sudan were fighting ensued, where the military commander was Colonel Herbert Kitchener. + AU $7.00 postage. Looking at the surviving records there is evidence that men enlisted significantly under age around this time and were weeded out. The Victoria Cross was awarded to three men from the Royal Irish Rifles: Edward De Wind, 15th Bttn - 21st March 1918 at Grugies, France. The summary includes a brief description of the collection(s) (usually including the covering dates of the collection), Although the attack in the northern sector of Fourth Armys line had been repelled almost everywhere, there was significant success to the south where divisions of XV and XIII Corps took most of their first-day objectives; many of the others were taken in subsequent days. Formed in Holywood in April 1915 as a Reserve Battalion, from depot companies of 11th and 12th Bns. All three brigades fought in the Battle for Ginchy, although 49th Brigade was in reserve initially. Balmoral Industrial School Roll of Honour. Fourth (UK) Army deployment, 1 July 1916. (d.24th Jun 1915), Bruce James. In October 1905, a memorial was erected at Belfast City Hall in memory of the 132 who did not return. At Armistice on 11 November the battalion were at Mouscron, north east of Tourcoing, where it remained and was demobilised by June 1919. 9th Btn. Rflm. 10th Btn. 15th Battalion (d.1st July 1916), Kane J.. L/Cpl. Eighteen was the conscription age under the Military Service Act 1916 which did not apply to Ireland. (d.7th Jun 1917), Barnett Robert Henry. Delayed by two days because of bad weather, the story of the attack on Saturday 1st July is well known, as is the part played by 36th (Ulster) Division. (d.7th Jun 1917), Corscadden Francis Theodore. Rfm. Before the First World War, Robert Quigg worked on the Macnaghten estate close to the Giants Causeway, Co. Antrim. 14th Btn. dailyinfo[30]=' B/469 Worker Charles BARLOW Australian Munition Worker who died 30/01/1918 NORTH SHEEN CEMETERY United Kingdom ' Rflm. (d.7th Jun 1917), Beggs Thomas Alex Thompson. Looking at your PDF, the medals are (left to right): Curiously, his Medal Index Card (linked by Jon in post#3) isn't annotated to show an award of the 14/15 Star; and I didn't find him in the relevant medal roll. (Salonika) Territorial Force Nursing Service who died 01/03/1918 KNOWLE (SS. Came under orders of 109th Brigade in 36th (Ulster) Division. Want to find out more about your relative's service? (d.7th Jun 1917), Brown Patrick. dailyinfo[26]=' Chaplain 4th Class The Rev. Royal Welsh Fusiliers who died 11/03/1915 FAUQUISSART MILITARY CEMETERY, LAVENTIE France ' July 1915 : moved to Seaford. Irish Guards who died 18/03/1916 CALAIS SOUTHERN CEMETERY France ' Returned to UK and landed at Liverpool on 22 October 1914. Battle Honour ST QUENTIN - German Spring Offensive 1918. I came across a reference to my own granduncle's death (he was a mere rifleman/private) in Taylor's history of the 2 nd Royal Irish Rifles in the Great War. Both regular battalions of the Inniskillings were involved, as were 1st Bn The Royal Irish Rifles and 1st Bn The Royal Irish Fusiliers. Frederick Bryans 15th Btn. 14th (Young Citizens) Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles during the Great War 1914-1918. var dailyinfo= new Array(31) With 49th Brigade called in to support the attack, more success was gained on the left where 7th Bn The Royal Irish Rifles of 48th Brigade and 7th Bn The Royal Irish Fusiliers of 49th Brigade broke through the German line, allowing two battalions from The Royal Dublin Fusiliers to pass through to seize the objective. More recently my brothers, sister and I have started to piece together his war-time story. (d.21st March 1918), McComb Francis. Allsopp Matthew. dailyinfo[13]=' 37643 Sapper Thomas John ECCLESTON Tunnelling Coy. Pte 15th Btn (d.22nd Nov 1917), Cathcart Herbert. Seaforth Highlanders who died 20/03/1919 BEIRUT WAR CEMETERY Lebanese Republic ' HERE is the medal roll on Ancestry. Rfmn. Moved to Clandeboye and came under orders of 108th Brigade in 36th (Ulster) Division. All but one of those were awarded to Irish regiments. Attacking on the left flank of the Ulster Division, as part of 29th Division, 1st Bn The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers sustained heavy losses, their casualties numbering 568, much the same as the most heavily hit units of 36th Division 13th Bn The Royal Irish Rifles and 11th Bn The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (595 and 598 respectively). - Royal Irish Regiment Museum. 12th (Service) Battalion, (Central Antrim), Royal Irish Rifles. . 15th(North Belfast)Btn. You signify acceptance of our use of cookies when you click the Accept button or by your continued use of the site. Moved in June 1915 to Ballyholley and to England in September, going to Aldershot. September 1917 : moved to Egypt for service in Palestine. Rfm. While 7th Bn The Royal Irish Rifles was the only battalion of our antecedent regiments to serve in either 47th or 48th Brigades, 49th Brigade included two battalions of Inniskillings and two of Faughs (7th and 8th in both cases) and was known unofficially as the 'Ulster Brigade'. (d.7th Jun 1917), Boulger John. The amalgamation of two historic regiments - the 83 rd (County of Dublin) and the 86 th (Royal County Down) Regiments of Foot, formed one of many two battalion Regiments in the army - the 1 st and 2 nd Battalions Royal Irish Rifles . Blair T.. (d.1st Jul 1916) Booth Hudson. 12th (Mid Ulster) Btn. That battle had occurred fifty-two years earlier, then within living memory for many. Register with your email address now, we can then send you an alert as soon as we add a record close matching the one you were searching for. The Royal Irish Rifles, especially the 1st and 2nd Battalions. Moved to Dublin but was at Newtownards by February 1916. I don't know exactly how he died, as records say he "Died of Wounds." 14 October 1917 : transferred to 108th Brigade in 36th (Ulster) Division. 'Nec Aspera Terrent. Pte. dailyinfo[8]=' 13277 Labourer Klaas NERO South African Native Labour Corps who died 08/03/1917 PUGU ROAD 1914-1918 MEMORIAL Tanzania ' Exploring a Shared History for a Better Future. //-->, By Rflmn. Rflm. The badge of the regiment as depicted on a CWGC grave headstone. (d.16th January 1916), Mussen Richard. October 1915 : landed at Boulogne. He died in 1952 (15 years before I was born) but I grew up on legends and tales about him all my life and we all love him several generations on. Written by Chris Baker. Address Stromore Road, Gilford. McComb James. Royal Irish Rifles Battalions of the Regular Army 1st Battalion August 1914 : in Aden. AU $50.00 + AU $7.00 postage. A German raid inflicted casualties in April 1916, but worse was to come in the Battle of the Somme in July, when the battalion was ordered to attack the German-held village of Ovillers-la-Boisselle. He was wounded by shell fragments in 1916 during the Somme offensive. Formed in Belfast in September 1914 from the Belfast Volunteers. Rflmn. Record same as 8th Bn. 10th (Service) Battalion (South Belfast) Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for WW1 British Army 1914 -15 Star, British War & Victory Medal, Royal Irish Rifles at the best online prices at eBay! The Royal Irish Regiment, until 1881 the 18th Regiment of Foot, was an infantry regiment of the line in the British Army, first raised in 1684. (d.22nd October 1918), Watson Joseph. Formed in Holywood around November 1915 as a Reserve Battalion, from depot companies of 13th and 16th Bns. Trace your military heritage through our Research Database. Pat Toman was part of the re-built battalion until the 2nd of June 1918 when he was wounded while on a night patrol in the Ypres area. (d.7th July 1917 ), Anderson Stanley Orme. He seems to have been taken PoW on 24.3.1918, been at/administered by Stendal Camp ( prisoncmapofmain00poperich.pdf ), and repatriated 0n 24.11.1918. dailyinfo[27]=' 5778 Private William CUMMINGS 6th Bn. The 1st Battalion took part in the Battle of Neuve Chapelle in March 1915, the Battle of Fromelles in July 1915 and the Battle of Loos in September 1915 before taking part in the Battle of the Somme in September 1916. The 10th (Irish) Division fought in the campaigns of Gallipoli or Dardanelles, then Salonika and finally with General Allenby in Palestine. 18th (Reserve) Battalion Rfm 11th (South Antrim) Btn. The service of the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rifles in World War I saw the battalion serving on the Western Front throughout the war. Moffett Alexander. 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion The Boers fought using guerrilla tactics. Northamptonshire Regiment who died 14/03/1915 LE TOURET MEMORIAL France ' He enlisted as 5/9929 in 5th RIR 8.11.1916 and served with 2nd RIR in the BEF from 12.3.1918. CLM, thank you so much. (d.24th March 1917), Blair A. G.. 10th Btn. Please note: We are unable to provide individual research. Formed in County Antrim in September 1914 from the Antrim Volunteers. It then had to weather heavy German counter-attacks which failed to dislodge the members of the battalion but caused very heavy casualties, amounting to 18 officers and 440 other ranks, including its Colonel. Bloomfield Arthur Henry. .Faugh-a-Ballagh!, [Above:Troops of the Royal Irish Rifles resting in a communication trench during the opening hours of the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916. Want to know what life was like during the Great War? August 1914 : in Aden. The regiment was then posted to Nova Scotia. dailyinfo[25]=' 262952 Private Archibald Stanley BURGNEAY 8th Bn. It played a prominent role in opposing the German attack during Operation Michael (known to the British as the Battle of St Quentin) in March 1918. A Coy. Welcome to Irelands Great War a program dedicated to exploring Irelands role in the Great War 1914 1918, its aftermath and legacy. October 1915 : landed at Boulogne. (d.22nd Mar 1917), Mailey John Henry. Rory came from a poor Catholic working-class family in Belfast. Among the other honoured engagements of the Somme campaign, the Inniskillings were involved at Bazentin Ridge and also received the honour Ancre 1916. July 1915 : moved to Seaford. (d.7th Jun 1917). in his home town of Bushmills, in time for the centenary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme. [1] Moved to England in April 1918, going to Larkhill. Commemoration Society. var mydate=new Date() Royal Army Medical Corps who died 22/02/1919 NUNHEAD (ALL SAINTS) CEMETERY United Kingdom ' 9th (Service) Battalion (West Belfast) (d.1st July 1916) Bothwell R.. (d.1st Jul 1917) Powered by Invision Community. Royal Air Force who died 24/02/1919 LINCOLN (NEWPORT) CEMETERY United Kingdom ' David has worked on several other high-profile public sculptures of famous people, including Robert Dunlop in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim and Todger Jones V.C. The cap badge of The Royal Irish Regiment traces a direct lineage back through The Ulster Defence Regiment to The Royal Ulster Rifles, although the harp and crown in various different shapes is emblematic of a significant number of Irish regiments. August 1914 : at Tidworth. 12th Btn. [6], The remainder of the battalion spent a gruelling winter on the ridges above Paschendaele before being transferred in February 1918 to the 36th (Ulster) Division near Saint-Quentin. (d.2nd August 1917), Burnett Corry. Please note Sergeant Rory OCathain is a fictitious character. Rfm. (d.31st Jan 1917), Brady Edward. Moved to England in April 1918, going to Larkhill. Rfm 15th Btn (d.1st Jul 1916). The Red Cross have a couple of records which can be linked to (using the 'PA' and 'R' numbers shown) from thisindex card. 8 October 1915 : transferred with Brigade to 25th Division. My granddad made a life after the war but suffered PTSD which he dealt with by prayer, solitude, and by swearing off alcohol. Rflmn. Royal Irish Rifles. L/Cpl. I know around this time the Battalion were either stationed in Rainneville or St Gratien, so how he died exactly and what wounds were inflicted remains a mystery. The Division was relieved on 2 July, having suffered 5104 casualties of who approximately 2069 died. (d.7th Sep 1916), Aggas George Robert. 6th Battalion, The Royal Irish Rifles were raised at Dublin in August 1914 as part of Kitchener's First New Army and joined 29th Brigade, 10th (Irish) Division. dailyinfo[11]=' Captain Charles Edmund WOOD Mentioned in Despatches Adjt. Moved to Carrickfergus in April 1915 and on to Newry in April 1917. 6th Btn. The 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rifles was serving in Aden when the First World War broke out in August 1914. Moore John Trid. Rflmn. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Returned to Belfast in April 1916. 11th Btn (d.1st Jul 1916), Whelan William Clement. 1st Btn. dailyinfo[1]=' Staff Nurse Edith Mary CAMMACK Associate of the Royal Red Cross, 2nd Class 4th Southern Gen. Hos. The 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rifles was serving in Aden when the First World War broke out in August 1914. They joined the 107th Brigade 36th (Ulster) Division at Ballykinler. document.write; 2nd Lt. 11th (South Antrim) Btn. In all, twenty Irish battalions, plus The Tyneside Irish, took part in the attack. 26 October 1915 : transferred to 74th Brigade in same Division. - Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum (d.21st Nov 1917), Bothwell R.. 14th Btn. (d.1st Jul 1916), Mulholland David. Rest in peace in Mill Road Cemetery . Rflmn. They moved to the Curragh in February 1915 then in May 1915 they moved to Hackwood Park, Basingstoke, England for final training. 15th Btn. Commemoration Society (Images courtesy of the Society). Rflmn. [1] The Ottoman Empire had not yet entered the war so the battalion was sent to England in September, where it prepared for a deployment to France, attached to the 25th Infantry Brigade, 8th Division. October 1915 : landed at Boulogne. In 1827 the Regiment added the titles of Fusilier and Royal to its name when its namesake the Prince of Wales acceded to the throne as King George IV and became the 87th (or Royal Irish Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot.